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Davey BT20-40, 1.25HP, 230V, 23GPM Max, 78PSI Max, Pressure Boosting Pumps with Torrium Control

Torrium® controlled pump for average to large homes with two stories or long runs of plumbing. Also good for whole house applications from a gravity feed tank. Not recommended for incoming pressure above 20-25 psi. A pressure reducing valve may be used before the Davey pumps to limit the pressure.


  • Manufactured from highest quality corrosion resistant materials - meets ANSI/NSF61
  • Torrium offers even pressure without cycling
  • Adaptive cut-in pressure on Torrium allows for installation on higher static head installations
  • Cut-in Pressure - Adapts to 80% of last shut-off head pressure
  • Pump protected from damage caused by dry running
  • Low pressure loss through removable built-in check valve
  • Constructed from corrosion resistant materials
  • High quality, purpose designed electric motor
  • Motor and Pump designed for frequent starts
  • Low Maintenance
  • Discharge may be rotated through 360°, plus 12", high quality, 304 stainless steel braided discharge hose included - reduces noise transmission through household plumbing and makes plumbing easier

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