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Get the Best Wellmate Fiberglass Pressure Tanks at Affordable Price

WellMate's tanks feature corrosion-proof composite construction that require little or no maintenance, plus their light weight makes them easier and less costly to install. All materials meet stringent U.S. Requirements for water components and are NSF and/or FDA listed materials. WellMate continues its tradition of excellence by offering features and benefits steel tanks cannot match.

These rustproof WellMate pressure tanks are made with blow molded, fiberglass wrapped, seamless construction. They won't rust, dent, or come apart at the seams because there are no seams, and a rugged base is included. Full five-year limited warranty.

These tank now features the quick connect that snaps securely into place and is retained by an H-clip.

Feature Overview

WellMate’s Quick Connect series of captive air tanks utilize threadless connections at both the service connection and the tank drain assembly in order to improve both the ease of installation and product serviceability. The exclusive WellMate replaceable butyl aircell can now be used in applications where continual use of chlorine is required.

Why is WellMate Offering These Features?

  • Ease of installation and serviceability
  • Built-in union
  • Allow for variety of plumbing connections (plastic, metallic, threaded or sweat)
  • Improved chlorine resistant for a wider variety of applications
  • Tank can be rotated after installation so product specifications are accessible

Target Industries

  • Residential
  • Light Commercial

• Agricultural

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