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Radon Well Water Mitigation Systems

Radon being soluble in water enters the underground water supply easily. All groundwater has radon and some have very high concentrations. Radon that enters a home through the water supply escapes from the water when flushed, heated or sprayed in showers, dishwashers, and clothes washers.

In homes with a private well, radon entering from the water can raise the radon in the air to very high levels, and breathing this air for long periods can increase the risk of lung cancer.

well water radon test concentrations commonly are much higher in water than in air. As a general rule, a measurement of 10,000 pCi/L radon in well water will contribute to 1 pCi/L throughout the household air .

New design features include:

  • High quality 1/2HP Starite submersible pump
  • Self-priming pump set up
  • Failsafe floats and valves
  • Quick-connect shark bite fittings
  • Tank made of FDA approved materials
  • Versatile electrical connections: The electrical panel can be mounted on either side to allow left or right connections.
  • Internal tank design: With removable baffles, the new design improves upon the 433-S series already easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Lid sealing method:  The familiar 433-S lid clips are replaced by molded in brass t-nuts and stainless steel machine screws to provide an even better, mechanically positive seal.
  • Amtrol WX-202 20 Gallon Pressure Tank and No-Lead Tank Tee Kit (NL-T1-M)

Aqua Science is a full service well and water treatment company. We install and maintain well pumping systems, pressure boosting systems, and water filter and treatment systems. Aqua Science also offers state certified water testing.

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